What Is A Tubbie?

Tubbies are the coolest way to eat ice cream!


Do you LOVE eating your favourite gourmet ice cream straight from the tub?

Are you sick of your delicious ice cream melting way too fast and ending up with a sludgy mess in the bottom of the tub?

Do you want the pleasurable experience of eating ice cream all year round, but find it too darn cold in Winter?

 Watch this video on how to use a Tubbie -  

You are in the right place!  Tubbies are funky, fluffy insulators for your favourite gourmet tubs of ice cream.  

Tubbies are scientifically tested to keep your tub of ice cream frozen for twice as long.

Tubbies replace tea towels, jumper sleeves, blankets and whatever else can be used to wrap around a tub of ice cream.


Tubbies were invented on the Gold Coast (in 2001) in Australia and we now operate out of Adelaide in South Australia.

We have two sizes: 500ml/Pint and 1 Litre/Quart and a really cute 200ml coming soon!